Jen Olson’s long time interest in health and desire to assist people in their  journey to improved wellness comes from a career in the emergency room as an RN.  After years of working with many people and illnesses, she realized that poor diet and lack of exercise was the common factor and major obstacle for people on their path to achieve life dreams.  Not only that, Jen saw all too often how poor diet coupled with a few unhealthy lifestyle choices lead to a path of health problems that consumed peoples lives, robbed them of free time, and most devastating, renders a person unable to live the life they envision.  

    Jen is passionate in educating clients on improving their nutrition, finding a practical and enjoyable fitness program, and seeing them through to the results they are happy with.  Because of her background in nursing; Jen’s philosophy is to emphasize health first and all other good things will follow.  Reversal of diagnosed health problems, increased health and vitality, and improved mental clarity.  All of these attributes assist clients to their path of improved lifestyle.  

    Getting people on track to “feeling good” often leads to the desire to “look good”.  Jen keeps in mind the philosophy that improving health comes first and the rest is to follow.  Many times poor health will reveal itself through the skin.  Jen recognizes the importance of treating the skin as an organ and improving its overall condition so that it truly radiates the condition of its health and the overall health of the body.  Jen also understands clients needs for time saving factors in their busy day.  She will educate on ways to live a healthy and beautiful lifestyle to leave more time for all the important things in life.


    Jen works out of office space in Total Wellness Medical Care, where she is partnered with her husband, Rick Olson, who is the medical director of the clinic.  In this setting she is allowed to live out her dream of creating life changing solutions with clients.  She shares with her clients a unique and inspiring philosophy combining fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle changes, to empower clients to reach and maintain their goals.  

    In her free time, she enjoys time with family, travel, exercising, and cooking.  She is inspired by her number one fan, Willow (paradoxically will eat any foul un-nutritious thing off the ground, sees no point in extreme physical exertion, and prefers dreadlocks to laser hair removal) who loves deeply and lives her life fully in the moment.