RN Consulting

Jen Olson R.N. & Sherry Dial R.N.

Total Wellness Medical Care, Fitness and Nutrition

Our Extensive and varied backgrounds as registered nurses, partnered with our passion for health and wellness, gives us the right combination and tools to guide you in reaching your personal wellness goals.

RN Consulting is Affiliated with Total Wellness Medical Care of Summerville




Looking for that little extra something to enhance your natural beauty? Check out our aesthetic services.



Want a stronger, leaner body?

Work out with us and we will help you close the gap between intention and behavior


Just because it's approved by the FDA, does not mean it's healthy. We will educate you on the foods you need to be eating, and the foods to avoid, to get you to optimal health and weight.

Improve Your Overall Health

RN Consultants are passionately committed to our clients to assist them to an improved level of health and function. On that journey, our clients will experience:

  • A higher level of fitness
  • Improved performance in whatever it is that you do
  • A leaner, more toned body
  • A more flexible body that moves with power and grace
  • A body that feels better, works better and LOOKS better!

Nutrition Services

Feel Good/Look Good

Our goal is to reverse illness in cases where this is possible. If you have been diagnosed with a health condition like diabetes or high blood pressure and many others; we will educate you on managing your illnesses.

Nutrition education is a key component to achieving healthy goals when combined with exercise.        

We teach you how to know and understand food at an entirely new level.

Most importantly we will teach you how to incorporate this knowledge into a new and healthier way of life.

  • Nutrition counseling and education
  • Dietary analysis and recommendation
  • Kitchen makeovers
  • Grocery store/farmers market shopping education
  • Cooking demonstrations



"Thy food is thy medicine"


"We are what we eat"


AND...We are what we cannot excrete!


At RN Consulting, we strive to make you love the skin you are in, inside and out.

Check out our many aesthetic services


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